Open Betas, Closed Betas, Non-Working Betas, Vaporware

… all hyped by TechCrunch but not actually working:

Useless services from founders with (too much) money and time:

Feel free to extend the list with your comments


5 Responses to “Open Betas, Closed Betas, Non-Working Betas, Vaporware”

  1. ANON Says:

    This is Hilarious, Arrington does spin his wheels.

    Keep this UP!

  2. dan klyn Says:

    Newsvine actually works hoss…. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  3. ShitCrunch Says:

    Newsvine works, we’ve seen it already. Not very impressed. What’s annoying is that it’s a wannabe mixture wanting to do everything: news, blogs, comments, … not a real worthwhile concept to stay. Apart from that, why the hell another closed beta version? Is Newsvine afraid of showing their (now good working) site to the world? Seems like Flock which was hyped like hell and when people saw it, they bashed it. From a wannabe-everything point-of-view Newsvine seems like Squidoo which is, eh a lot of blogs, eh with tags, eh wikipedia.

    You should ask people that question who hype Web 2.0 every day, again and again.

  4. Anthony Timberlake Says:

    It’s too bad that this blog won’t last.

  5. Alex Skolnick Says:

    Of course it will last. It takes no effort.

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